Microimage Engineered Dialog TradeNet Service wins m-Billionth South Asia Award

Microimage Engineered Dialog TradeNet Service wins m-Billionth South Asia Award

27 July 2010 – Dialog Tradenet, an integrated mobile and internet-based trading platform, won top honours in the m-Inclusion category at the prestigious m-Billionth South Asia awards. It was held in New Delhi, India last Friday. The regional m-Inclusion award recognizes systems and applications which employ the Mobile Phone to enhance the reach and availability of digital content and information across all strata of the socio-economic pyramid.

The m-Billionth Award is a dedicated platform to explore the latent potential of the mobile sector across South Asia and is the first of its kind in the region recognizing and felicitating mobile innovations, applications and content services delivery. Dialog Tradenet is a repository for national-level market information spanning a wide range of agricultural, manufacturing and service sectors, facilitating convenient query/retrieve, buy and sell and other services via Mobile and Internet access. The platform is built on a suite of cutting-edge mobile and internet technologies.

In addition to its function as a trading platform, Tradenet in partnership with Govi Gnaana Seva (GGS) extends inclusive access to agriculture price information from three national economic centres (at Dambulla, Meegoda and Narahenpita) providing up-to-date and accredited price information to farmers, traders and consumers alike.

Information on the Tradenet platform is disseminated and can be accessed via a multi-lingual call centre, SMS, Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) and the internet (www.tradenet.lk).

The software for the Tradenet platform was developed by Microimage – a leading Sri Lankan software development company.

Dialog Axiata Group Chief Executive Dr. Hans Wijayasuriya said Tradenet is a Sri Lankan innovation and is the latest addition to our suite of digital empowerment services which will strive to deliver the life-enhancing benefits of information technology to all segments of our society.

“This recognition from m-Billionth will strengthen our vision and resolve to deliver multi-sector empowerment and socio-economic development outcomes, through the power of advanced technology,” he said.

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