Early Warning System

Alert instantly!


Disaster Early Warning Network is a multi-hazard disaster management solution that helps notify citizens on hazards, disasters, traffic & weather immediately.


to setup, use & send messages. Create multiple templates & manage priority groups & users easily.


& location-based warning & alert system enables citizens to learn about danger zones & safe areas.


dissemination of messages & warnings. Citizens are warned in seconds with messages sent directly to their devices.

Language localisation

enables citizens to understand warnings in their native language.

DEWN can help SAVE lives.

One single warning message can be delivered to multiple platforms at once, providing wider reach to as many people as possible.
DEWN for radio & TV

TV & Radio

DEWN Digital Signage

Digital Signage



DEWN Social Media

Social Media

Get access to the fastest emergency broadcast.

Key Benefits

Modern & User-friendly Interface

Displays useful information in an easy way with Google Maps integration for disaster location & point identification.

Promotes single warning message across different platforms

Usage of Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) promotes a single warning message to be widely circulated concurrently across different platforms.

Mass alerts

Send mass alerts to different priority groups in one click.

Declare/Identify danger zones & safe areas

The map integration allows system users to state danger zones and safe areas while allowing citizens to identify the same.

Access enhanced reports

Search and retrieve crucial information on sent messages by type, language, status, district, etc.

Language localised SMS & Cell Broadcast messages

Allows mass messaging with information provided in languages of your choice.

What is DEWN?

Compelling insights

Utilise the web-based dashboard & learn about your data from alerts to API integrations to user registrations.

DEWN dashboard
DEWN alert types & message templates

Create different templates

Different events require different responses. Create unique templates for types of disasters, weather & traffic. Send messages to priority groups in keys districts & in native languages with customisation for language localisation.

Anyone can register

Whether you’re an individual, a business or a media channel, you can register for API keys & get instant information to your integration.

API key for DEWN
DEWN reports & message history

Enhanced reports

Check out past message alerts & monitor the frequency to understand disasters, weather & traffic patterns in your country.

DEWN Mobile app for citizens

Get notified immediately! Using the mobile app, citizens can find out information about current alerts, danger & safe zones with Google Maps integration & emergency contacts to call, directly from the app.

DEWN Mobile App to notify citizens

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