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Vesta Hub

NanoMote / Panic Button

Vesta HD Camera


Door / Window


Smoke Sensor

Amazon Alexa enabled Devices

What’s great about Vesta?

Smart monitoring and continous connection

Advanced video surveillance with 24/7 monitoring and recording even during power and internet outages. The Vesta Hub comes with a 10-hour back-up battery, 4G LTE sim, FULL HD resolution and two-way audio.

Easy-to-use Vesta App with everything!

Comes with a colourful interface, simple instructions and notifications that will have you master it in no time. Designed to help you create and add users, emergency contacts, devices and rooms. Users can easily view logs, define rules and even activate or deactivate with just a tap!

Be alerted immediately

The door/window sensor, smoke sensor and TriSensor detects movement, light, and temperature. Notifies you immediately of intruders or dangers through app notifications, SMS, email and even call.

Chase away intruders with the built-in siren

Utilize the panic button to trigger the hub’s loud siren that will alert your loved ones and forcefully chase away intruders.

Secure drawers, safes and cabinets too!

Everything is secure with Vesta! Keep away busybodies from prying on confidential information, jewellery, and money.

Invest in Vesta for your home and business and start smart living

Vesta Mobile App

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