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Door / Window


Smoke Sensor

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What’s great about Vesta?

Smart monitoring & continuous connection

Advanced video surveillance with 24/7 monitoring & recording even during power & internet outages. The Vesta Hub comes with a 10-hour back-up battery, 4G LTE sim, FULL HD resolution & two-way audio.

Easy-to-use Vesta App with everything!

Comes with a colourful interface, simple instructions & notifications that will have you master it in no time. Designed to help you create & add users, emergency contacts, devices & rooms. Users can easily view logs, define rules & even activate or deactivate with just a tap!

Be alerted immediately

The door/window sensor, smoke sensor & TriSensor detects movement, light, & temperature. Notifies you immediately of intruders or dangers through app notifications, SMS, email & even call.

Chase away intruders with the built-in siren

Utilize the panic button to trigger the hub’s loud siren that will alert your loved ones & forcefully chase away intruders.

Secure drawers, safes & cabinets too!

Everything is secure with Vesta! Keep away busybodies from prying on confidential information, jewellery & money.

Invest in Vesta for your home & business. Start smart living today.

Vesta Mobile App

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